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I’ve been running around all over the place the last month or so, doing this whole graduating and then preparing for (delaying via grad school) the rest of my life. I finally had about a week to sort of decompress, if you can call unpacking/repacking/getting rid of useless Stuff I’ve accumulated decompressing, and my laptop couldn’t connect to my home LAN.

Anyway, I made it Seattle, where I’ll be for the rest of the summer, and right away had to take care of a pneumonia patient. Now of course I’m sick too, but with a little luck I won’t have anything worse than a rhinovirus sapping all my energy. And while I am sleeping it off, you my numerous and loyal readers can amuse yourselves elsewhere.

Interaction-Design.org is new to me, and I haven’t spent a lot of time exploring it yet, but it looks like a place to keep your eye on.
web accessibility checklist – a checklist is no substitute for serious attention from an accessibility specialist, but it’s a starting place when that’s just not practical.
physical interface: touching considerate design – I especially like the seat control. I eagerly await the day when industrial designers are done slapping rows of identical rectangular buttons wherever seems convenient (to the manufacturer, of course, not the user).
Microsoft’s Being Human report was released a couple of months ago. Probably you’ve heard of it by now, but if you’re me you still haven’t really read it yet. Worth a look.

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