Trying to Write More

I don’t have new years’ resolutions so much as new semester resolutions. I always start out the first week of classes with big ideas about how I will organize my life better and be more effective in the things that I do. I’m no more successful than anyone else, of course.

Last semester was a strange exception. It was my first semester of graduate school, my first real introduction to the world of design, and I consciously tried to avoid forming expectations, but I did still have some tentative ideas about what my experience would be like, most of which turned out to be wrong. It was an intense experience.

And now, I have a little better handle on what this whole grad school thing is about, I think I have some some perspective on what this semester might be like, and I think it is really time to follow through on some of these resolutions. I survived last semester, but parts of it were pretty darn painful. I’d like to do a little more than survive the next three.

One of my professors strongly suggested that we write as much as we can. I immediately thought of my poor neglected blog. I did write last semester, but for a required class blog, and for my recipe blog, so not here at all. But I think it is a really good suggestion. Writing a blog about my experience means I’m telling a story about it, which means fitting pieces together and arranging and connecting, and I already know from experience that this is a useful process for me. I just need to make time for it.

So I’m going to try.