My teacups arrived!

When I said “just ordered” in the last post, I meant a week ago. Anyway I wasn’t expecting them for another few days, but they are here, and the pattern is just as charming in person. To celebrate, I took some photos.


The green dude just behind is my buddy, the bestest little humidifier. When there’s a windchill of -20, the air in my toasty dorm room gets awfully dry, which causes me many problems. Gustav there makes it better.

And while I’m here with my camera, I might as well show off a little for my new blog. The little pile of papers you can just make out in the back is the makings of a birthday card for a friend that I can finally finish (just a week and half late!) now that I went and bought more rubber cement. Here it is, assembled but not attached:

owl card

It looks brighter in person, I don’t have very good lighting options and the flash just washes everything out at that distance.

I have a month-long winter break, and I tend to go a little stir-crazy. This time I dealt with it by making lots of things. One such thing was this little tote:

owl tote

again, not great lighting, but you get the idea. Also, the owl is the same pattern I used on the card. I started playing around with inkscape over the break, and I think it is awesome, but that is a post for another day. The relevant info here is that I drew the owl in inkscape and printed it out in various sizes as a stencil for the decoration on the tote bag, and for the card.

Finally, I have been knitting myself a cardigan since october, and over break I came this close to finishing it.


It’s not perfect, which is more apparent when I am wearing it, but considering that it is my first knitting project that wasn’t rectangular, I am awfully proud of it. I just have a wee bit more front band to knit and then sew on, and then I’ll sew on the buttons and it will be completely finished.

some closeups of the texture:
cardigan closeup

cardigan texture

for the knitters in the audience, the whole thing is knitted with twisted stitches. I started knitting twisted by accident, purely because it had been a year and I’d forgotten the proper way, and by the time I realized why it looked funny, I’d decided I liked the effect and just kept going. I think it livens up the vast stretches of stockinette and drab color (I am considering doing a little kool-aid overdyeing). I used Patons Classic Wool yarn, and it is great stuff.

now to make tea to drink from my pretty cups!