Radical Trust

International No Diet Day was yesterday, and I failed at it, thanks to trying to avoid the internet in the interests of getting my last week of undergraduate work actually finished. And then when I did return to the internet in the evening, I didn’t know how to approach the topic. Resisting diet culture is related to so many other things that are so personal to me. But it’s ok that I missed yesterday, because any day could be no diet day (and every day should be no diet day…) and I have come up with a focus: trust yourself, and trust food.

For one day, think about what you want to eat, not what you think you should eat. Give yourself permission to want what you want, and to enjoy what you want. Think about what would taste good and then eat as much of it as you actually enjoy. Give yourself permission to want food. Any food, not just the “good” stuff you’re “supposed” to eat. Resist moral judgments about your desires, or about the food you eat. Just enjoy it.

Make peace with food. For one day.